Third work meeting in China: Nanjing and Fuzhou Universities

The third working meeting of the TAURUS project was held fom 9th to 12th of October 2018. It took place at FAFU and NFU university in China. In a friendly working atmosphere, the partners informed about the current state of the project.

Third work meeting in China: Nanjing and Fuzhou Universities, October 2018


  • Workshop: comparative analysis of University & Employers collaboration in EU and China
  • Presentation of Internships Programmes for inclusion in the TAURUS platform (target: TAURUS partners)
  • Workshop: experiences and best practices on professional trainings

Detailed description:

Recently the third work meeting  of the TAURUS project was held in Nanjing Forestry University. The project was undertaken by Nanjing Forestry University together with eight universities in China and abroad. Vice-principals Zhang Hong and Zhang Jinchi, met with the delegates. Leaders and teachers from relevant departments such as Science and Technology Department,International Cooperation Department,Landscape Architecture College,College of Biology and the Environment and International Education College participated in the meeting.

Third work meeting in China: Nanjing and Fuzhou Universities, October 2018

Professor Yu Yuanchun of the College of Biology and the Environment of Nanjing Forestry University presided over the workshop as the coordinator of the Chinese side. At the meeting, Professor Gao handong, Dean of the College of Biology and the Environment, introduced the general situation of our university and its discipline construction; Professor Zhu Jiangang, Dean of the International education college, introduced the mode and experience of International Education in our university; Professor Yu Yuanchun reported on the research progress and main achievements of sustainable urban development in our university; and the general coordinator of the project, University of Tuscia, Professor Paolo De Angelis introduced the background, task and implementation plan of TAURUS project. The representatives of Russian People’s Friendship University, Professor V. Vasenev reported on the progress and achievements of their respective tasks. Delegates discussed the work plan for the next phase of the project.

During their stay in Nanjing, delegates visited Baguazhou Ecological Agriculture and Nanjing Urban Forest Test and Demonstration Base.

For the agenda of the meeting click here: 3rd work meeting at NFU and FAFU university, October 2018 – agenda