Report of Employers survey conducted by RUDN

The TAURUS team from Peoples Friendship University Moscow conducted a survey among potential employers about their expectations to graduate students.

Based on the results of the study, the following recommendations may be given:

  1. Universities should pay more attention to the issues of additional development of students. It means to interest them in participating in events that may be useful for the formation of their individual portfolio.
  2. Universities should pay attention to work out the education programs that allows the graduates to receive more Soft skills. For example, to organize project work (it can help to get teamwork skills, creativity, responsibility and organization), more practice in different enterprises of the industry (they will give a real and diverse work experience).

As for the recommendations for the organization and for the content of internships:

  1. Universities and companies should pay attention to the presence of clear requirements for student competencies in their Internship demand: the list of normative documents, computer programs,
  2. The theoretical part of the Internship at the University can consist the regulatory documents study, the knowledge of which is necessary for the internship
  3. The theoretical part of the Internship at the University should include the short overview and guide of the computer programs that trainees should possess. It could be a short course or module.
  4. Also, it is important to include to Internship the possibility to acquirement of the Soft skills. The method and the process of these activities should be learnt and worked out. This becomes one of the main tasks for the university teams.

The whole study might be found here: Report_Employers’ survey_final