Kick-off meeting Tuscia University

The kick-off meetinf to the TAURUS project was held in the beautiful city of Viterbo, Italy. Participants came together for the first time to initiate action on making TAURUS a fruitful project, bringing together students, research institutions and companies.

Kick-off meeting Tuscia University (Viterbo), Italy. Early 2018

European Union Erasmus+ project: Training Capacities in Agriculture and Urban-Rural Interactions for Sustainable Development of Megacities (TAURUS) was held at the University of Tucia, Italy. The project is jointly undertaken by the University of  Tucia, Nanjing Forestry University, People’s Friendship University of Russia,Wageningen University of the Netherlands and Gottingen University of Germany. More than 20 experts and scholars from Italy, China, Russia, Netherlands, Germany and other countries attended the meeting. Professor Yuanchun Yu, the project coordinator of China, made a report on the project implementation plan on behalf of China.

Kick-off meeting Tuscia University (Viterbo), Italy. Early 2018

The meeting was chaired by Professor Paolo De Angelis, General Coordinator of the project, University of Tuscia, Italy. Officials from the European Commission’s Educational, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Office introduced the background and management requirements of the Erasmus+ project. Professor Paolo De Angelis introduced the project application process. Prof. V. Vasenev from the Russian People’s Friendship University introduced the division of labor and implementation plan of the project. Dr. M. De Martino introduced the project funding and management requirements. The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize member, member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Professor R. Valentini of the University of Tussia made an academic report on urbanization and sustainable development in the world. In addition, Professor Yu Yuanchun, who is the Chinese project coordinator, made a report on the project implementation plan on behalf of the Chinese side.

For the agenda of the kick-off metting click here: Kick-off metting Viterbo, February 2018 – agenda