Fourth work meeting and international Workshop in Göttingen

From October 7th to 11th the TAURUS consortium met in Göttingen for the 5th meeting of the steering committee. The first day was dominated by updates on the progress of the work packages. A special focus was put on the first internships which took or will take place this autumn. The partners reported good progress of their work packages and that they are in line with the project schedule. Partners from RUDN presented the newly available web platform which connects HEI’s students and external partners. This is a milestone achievement in the progress of the TAURUS project.

The second day was dedicated to a public workshop under the topic “INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP EDUCATIONAL & RESEARCH FACILITIES TO FACE URBANIZATION CHALLENGES”. The detailed program can be found in the timetable. Partners from China, Russia and Italy presented the activities at their universities addressing the topic. Three speakers from Göttingen University presented which services the university provides in terms of career building, internationalization of the curricula and which help and resources Göttingen International provides to incoming students.

On Wednesday after a final discussion about the progress of the work packages the whole group moved to Berlin for an excursion. The first program point on Thursday morning was a visit at the urban farming project Prinzessinnengärten. Hanna Burckhardt from Nomadisch Grün gave a comprehensive overview on the topics they are concerned with, the funding strategy of the project and how the Prinzessinnengärten developed to what they are today. On Thursday afternoon the TAURUS consortium met with the group of Diana Dushkova from the Landscape ecology and Biogeography division at the Humboldt University Berlin for an exchange of ideas and a discussion on mutual research topics.

The Friday was used to summarize the outcomings of the last days and to plan future actions to ensure a further successful and fruitful project.

Detailed program of the Göttingen meeting