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Yaao is a young and energetic company which was set up in 2009.

Our business:

1) Landscape engineering, forestry, ecological engineering, agricultural ecological park, beautiful countryside, wetland park, and forest park planning and design

2) Construction and supervision of landscape engineering, municipal engineering, afforestation engineering, etc.

3) Consultation on Forestry and Ecological Engineering

What we are very experienced in?

Urban Green Landscape Design and Construction Supervision, Highway and general road landscape design and construction supervision, Landscape Renovation Design and Construction Supervision of Commercial Blocks, Landscape Design Supervision of Garden Exposition and Exhibition Park, Urban Green Space System Planning, Planning of Agricultural Park, Planning of Park Green Space in County Administrative Region, Planning and Design of National and Provincial Wetland Parks, Planning and Design of National Forest Park, Wetland vegetation restoration, Vegetation Restoration in Quarry Depression, 13th Five-Year Plan of Forestry in Prefecture-level Cities, Planning of Precious Tree Species with Colored Leaves in Prefecture-level Cities, Afforestation Design of ADB Loan Reserve, Afforestation Design of Coastal Shelterbelt, Tending design of young and middle-aged forest.

Our partner:

We have established a close partnership with scientific research institutes and colleges including: Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Southeast University, Nanjing Soil Research Institute, Zhongshan Botanical Garden and Jiangsu Academy of Forestry.

Contact us:

Tel:+86 25-85427789

Before                                                                     After

Vegetation Restoration Project in Taihu Lake Resort

Before                                                                     After

Danyang Wanshan Park Project

Before                                                                     After

Greening Project of Qidong Linhai High-grade Highway



DAQIAN Ecological Environment Group Co. Ltd. established in 1988. We have the first-class qualification of urban landscaping, Grade A qualification of landscape engineering design, the Secondary qualification of municipal public works construction general contract, and the second-class qualification of Tourism Planning and design. During the past 30 years, more than 100 national, provincial and municipal key landscape projects that we contracted have received recognition and praise from local customers, governments and leaders. Many projects have won high-quality project awards from competent departments at all levels. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Integration Certification.

Our core area of expertise lies in Ecological Landscape Design,Landscape Architecture and Municipal Engineering Construction. Also, our business has gradually expanded to the design and operation of cultural tourism, ecological management of soil and water, nursery stock industry, sculpture and Internet horticulture.

Our company is headquartered in Nanjing, and has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan, Hainan, Anhui and other cities. Our business radiates all over the country. We has a group of highly skilled and experienced personnel, and has a modern nursery stock base of more than 60 million square meters, which integrates production, quotation, research and development, and sales. We have established a close partnership with scientific research institutes and colleges to serve the whole society with professional technology and management.

You can get more information in our homepage:



Tel: +86 25 83751888

Address: 15th Floor, Building A,

Lianchuang Science and Technology Building,

18th Jihui Road, Gulou District, Nanjing City,

Jiangsu Province,China

Landscape Engineering of Natural Mountain Forest Scenic Area at Santai Mountain Forest Park in SUQIAN.

Phase I and Phase II of Landscape and Wetland Conservation and Restoration in Chishan Lake Lakeside Zone.

Wetland Landscape Greening Project of Jiuhua Island, Pomegranate Island and West District of Pan’an Lake Eco-Wetland Park in Xuzhou City.

Landscape Greening Project of Fangjiaba in Jurong City.


Industry partners of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University


Industry partners of University of Goettingen


Blumberg Engineers are consultants for engineering projects of water and wastewater treatment for more than 30 years, preferring the development and use of ecological engineering methods (“ecotechnologies”). We are basically independent consultants for civil engineering, doing planning and design, tendering, construction supervision of water projects and also engaged in expert assessment and research on special environmental topics.
Our core area of expertise lies in development and practical planning, design, tendering, construction supervision, commissioning, operational support and maintenance of wastewater and sludge treatment plants, stormwater treatment facilities, wetland roofs and public natural swimming pools. We are and have been active in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Macedonia, France, Canada, India, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Jordan, Tanzania, South Africa and Uganda.
We have scientific and practical know-how, especially in wastewater and sewage sludge treatment with reed bed technologies, methods of surface run-off and grey-water treatment and natural swimming pools without chlorine disinfection. We have also successfully decentralized the infrastructure of wastewater treatment for multiple municipalities in rural areas (on-site treatment) and realized industrial wastewater treatment plants as constructed wetlands.
We take part in scientific research in cooperation with universities.

You may check out our webpage for more information:

Vertical flowed soil filter at the waste water treatment plant Changshu, China

Klärschlammvererdung Bad Emstal

Rhizome in Schilfkläranlage


Our global challenges. Your chance to take responsibility.

KWS seeds the future

For more than 160 years, KWS breeds agricultural crops. Climate change, the growing need for food, energy and sustained plant protection are the challenges that we take on with leading-edge plant breeding methods. We focus on seeds for corn, sugar beet, cereals, potato, rapeseed and sunflowers. Our goal are sustainable products for competitive farming in a healthy environment.

Progress is our tradition. Every year we invest about 17 percent of our revenue in research and development projects, facilitating a yield improvement of up to two percent per year. New challenges demand new solutions and people who work on these solutions with passion and expertise.

Your future at KWS

In our expanding and innovative industry, we offer you exciting prospects. Whether you are a career starter or industry professional with an apprenticeship, diploma, bachelor or master’s qualification, or a doctorate, in our company with the tradition with a family ownership you will find the prerequisites for personal development and professional success.

We are looking for committed employees who want to join us in moving ahead in the fields of plant breeding, biology, biotechnology and seed production.

At KWS you work in an international environment with motivated employees and experienced teams. We want you to contribute your know-how and knowledge, your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. We will provide you with continuous support for further professional and personal development.

This is how we think and act at KWS. If you share this viewpoint and want to seed the future with us, visit us on:


  • EKO-PLANT Entwicklungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft für ökotechnische Anlagen mbH (The Pauly Group)

Description of working field:

THE PAULY GROUP consists of four closely linked, synergic company units, and offers an impressive portfolio of services focused on the core competence of ecotechnology.

Alongside EKO-PLANT GmbH, which is responsible for building and operating ecotechnological plants, such as sewage sludge humification plants and natural water parks, and its affiliated reed nursery REED, other members of the PAULYGROUP include the Ingenieurgesellschaft für Umweltplanung mbH (INFU mbH for short) and its partner laboratory PLANCO-TEC, which specializes in ecological analysis and waste management consulting. The PAULY GROUP’s portfolio of services is rounded off by HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR GmbH, which specializes in the manufacture and marketing of regional compost-based soils for substrate manufacturers and composting plants.

Thanks to its unique know-how, the PAULY GROUP is an experienced problem solver. A team of 100 engineers, researchers, technicians and consultants pursue our philosophy of integrating technology and nature intelligently to design processes to be economical and environmentally safe. At THE PAULY GROUP, experts from many different fields work together as an interdisciplinary team. This wealth of perspectives held by our various specialists is decisive in creating new solutions. Eco engineering: it’s what we do, in a nutshell.

For us, it’s very clear that technological and economic progress can be achieved only by innovation and by orienting our work on customers and their specific needs and problems. This is why research forms an important part of our day-today work. This is underlined by our large portfolio of patents – e.g. for monitoring and controlling water quality in natural water parks or analyzing the metabolic stability of sewage sludge.

„Das Eko-Plant Prinzip“

„Räumung & thermische Verwertung von Klärschlammerde“

„Parkbad Göttingen-Weende: Vom Bau bis zur Eröffnung“


Industry partners of Wageningen University and Research

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