Work package 6

Scope of the QA Plan and Quality Approach

This fully detailed QA Plan has been conceived as a support tool for a correct development of the foreseen TAURUS activities and aims to provide common guidelines for efficient internal communication and documentation, identification of possible deviations from the project plan and identification of corrective measures as needed, as well as development of deliverables.

In concrete terms, the Quality Assurance Plan defines general rules, mechanisms, and templates in order to guarantee consistent and accurate actions throughout the implementation of the whole project. In particular, the QA Plan outlines the internal communication tools and strategies, guidelines, forms and templates for internal and external documents and deliverables, mechanisms for the internal and external review of documents and deliverables as well as process for risk assessment and identification of risk mitigation measures to be implemented by partners.

Thus, the QA plan aims to optimize time while ensuring high-quality work and deliverables.

The solid experience of TAURUS partners in performance management practice ensures the QA Plan a coherent quality approach, aiming to establish a functional set of tools and procedures and to achieve a well-structured organization of work, in order to obtain the best possible results.

Thus, through an accurate quality approach, the TAURUS project aims to reduce any possible divergences that may arise due to cultural and corporate differences, strengthening and emphasizing the constructive and positive value of such diversity and creating a shared and universal vision of the project goals. From this perspective, all partners’ attention is focused on TAURUS activities and deliverables, deemed the “glue” of the whole project: in this concern, the contribution of all members of the Consortium plays a primary role in enhancing the performance of individual partners (and their staff members involved in the implementation of the project) and the Consortium as a whole.

Quality Assurance Plan

A shortened quality assurance plan is available to download (here) and the full plan is internally available for all project partners.