Work package 1

Comprehensive analysis of career opportunities, Employers’ requirements and existing experience of HEIs-Employers cooperation in the sphere of urban-rural interactions and urban sustainable development

The WP 1 of TAURUS project aims at providing a detailed and comprehensive overview of the career opportunities in the sphere of urban-rural interactions and sustainable development. A crucial point of such research consists in delving into the requirements of the employers for potential candidates.

The comprehensive analysis of career opportunity is carried out involving all relevant stakeholders (enterprises, universities, students, NGOs, public organizations, etc.) and utilisying a wide variety of methodologies (questionnaires, interviews, desk analysis of official statistics and reports, etc.)

After the kick-off meeting, in which the methodology of the analysis is defined, all partners of TAURUS project carry out study visits to EU, Russia and China (including roundtable with representatives of different target groups). Such activities contribute in developing cross-country cooperation between HEIs and employers both at national and international level, which is necessary for the following stages of TAURUS project (WP 2-4).

Milestone of WP 1 is the conference organized at RUDN University, where the report “Working in urbanization sphere: career perspectives, challenges and existing experience in EU, Russia and China” and the guidelines “Development and adaptation of educational programs in the urbanization spheres” are presented and then distributed to the stakeholders.